One of a kind coffee table

A few months ago I got a call from one of my clients who had an old wooden coffee table she wanted reinvented and made “funky”.  The piece was close to her heart after watching her family grow up around the table. When discussing the unique piece, my client described how her daughter would do her homework on it and the evidence of her childhood was visible by the stickers stuck underneath adding to the table’s charm. In addition to the family history the table held, it was a quirky little piece that someone had made a long time ago from an old wooden door. When flipping the table over, I even noticed the notched out hinges from its former life. I felt very honored to have been entrusted with this family treasure and give it its second transformation. As an artist I was thrilled to have been given the artistic freedom as well to create an original design. After hearing that her favorite artist was Gustav Klimt and getting to know her style from the previous work I have done for her, we agreed that a mix of paper and paint would be the perfect materials for the table face. I love working with paper as it reminds me of an art form I also enjoy, stained glass. I am able to take small unique pieces and arrange them together in an organic way to make a complete picture. Using this technique I was able to give her table a new look all while preserving the history and craftsmanship of the piece. 


A funky new look on her table is what she wanted and that’s what she got!