Watch Take 2 Artworks transform this outdated kitchen into a fresh new space updating the cabinets, backsplash and finishes. You wouldn't believe the dramatic reveal.

My Approach

As a designer, my approach to kitchen makeovers is to make the very best of what you already have.

The saying, “they don’t make things the way they used to” is so true. I see many kitchens that have great bones with solid wood cabinets and very functional layouts. In this disposable world, I believe in the preservation of all things well made. The finish may be worn and outdated but that can be renewed with various custom paint and refinishing techniques. This challenge awakens the artist within and then creative juices start to flow with all the possibilities of giving your space and cabinets new life. The balance of preserving the old while adding new design elements is so transformative and exciting!

Listening to my clients’ design dreams while conveying my ideas is time well spent to ensure a successful project. I explain my plan in detail to settle any concerns and reassure clients about what to expect throughout this minor renovation process.

My approach may be considered old fashioned but the pride I take in my workmanship is an homage to the time-honored craftsmanship used by so many original cabinet makers throughout history.  We are a steward to these pieces and it heartens me to know that this same cabinetry will withstand the future test of time to perhaps undergo a third iteration of redesign. Just imagine the stories your cabinets could tell....

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