Giving new life to oak cabinets

Do you have the oak blues?


The two most recent kitchen makeovers, the clients wanted to save their oak cabinets and brighten their space without spending a zillion dollars. Both kitchens had great bones with cabinets in excellent condition. The kitchen’s open layout and workable countertops made it a perfect scenario for a take 2 makeover. Updating the space without major demolition. 

I love painting oak cabinets. They were the standard cabinets during the 70’s and 80s for good reason. They are beautiful, durable, and a hard wood that has an attractive natural texture. For these reasons they take to paint very well. They can be transformed into shabby farm house, modern sleek, to clean traditional. Even the standard pricey cabinets of today may not have equal quality and durability as an updated oak cabinet. If you got it, Save it!